Two photographers share one prop

Odalisque (2004)

This is an image made in 2004, one of the last in an older style.  As usual with my photographs at that time, I distressed the negative in a number of ways.  If you look at one of the prints closely, you can see that the grain has been reticulated in a faint cross-hatching pattern.

To be honest, I’m not sure what I was thinking in making this photograph.  I don’t know what made me incorporate the dog collar.  I’m sure that there was some train of thought, but 8 years later I don’t know what it was.  People seemed to love this photograph at the time – I sold plenty of prints.

When I moved from Washington State to Chicago in 2006, I gave away tons of my old belongings.  I had a large studio full of things that I was not able to bring with me.  At one point I drove to Seattle with a trunk full of odds and ends to give to friends.  At the time, photographer Erin Frost and I were both represented by the gallery Art@Large in New York.  She took a few of my things, including the aforementioned dog collar and some glass eyes.

After a while, I saw a few images she made with the collar herself.

Erin Frost – 2009

Erin Frost – 2006

Art@Large closed down, and both of us have changed our artistic practice considerably.  Every once in a while an idea of a two person exhibition is mentioned, but it has yet to happen.  I think it makes more sense now than ever, as we are both using a lot of photo-based mixed media to explore love and interpersonal relationships.  Maybe one day.

View more of Erin Frost’s photography on her website:


Chicago art exhibits

I will be having two art exhibits in Chicago this month.

There will be a one night solo exhibition of Earth Magic on June 21st, at Morpho Gallery’s current Loop location.

Many thanks to Chris Elmore from Hammer Smashed Sound for designing this postcard image.

Several pieces of the Symbiosis series will make their public debut at the SUGS gallery in the new LeRoy Neimann center as part of an exhibition entitled “Act II.”  The date for the opening reception is still being determined.  I’ll post that information here as soon as I have it.