Symbiosis is a series exploring ideas regarding love, relationships, magic, Alchemy and mutually beneficial partnerships in nature. The images are small - 3.25 x 4.25 inches printed on 5x7 paper. Each piece is an original, with acrylic paint applied directly to the surface of the analog c-print.

Symbiosis was created between February 2010 and June 2011.

An integral concept of Alchemy is “Solve et Coagula” – dissolve and combine.  This is the secret key to manifesting the Philosoher’s Stone, Elixr of Life and immortality.  This ideal is represented with the image of the Rebis – a two-headed hermaphrodite that holds the assets of both genders.

I have worked with this as my goal, erasing the boundaries of the human body. By applying paint directly to the surface of photographs, I have actualized an impossible dream – a physical union made tangible through desire.  Through this process I have been able to visually and symbolically merge male and female into one body – the perfect being.


A limited edition handmade book of the Symbiosis series was released onJune 21, 2011, but has since sold out.

Symbiosis book cover book cover and thickness Title page, signed and numbered

Artist and curator Danielle Ezzo (website / Tumblr) has written an introduction that works as a great entryway to the images in the series. Howard Forbes (website) has done a wonderful job with typographic and layout details.

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